Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hand Mixer Versus Stand Mixer - Which Is Better?

Choosing between a hand mixer vs stand mixer can be quite difficult as they generally serve the same purpose – mixing ingredients. Learning a bit more about the considerations that need to be made regarding each of the products mentioned above can make things easier.

So how will you know which of the two can serve you best? Well here are a few things to consider:

1.Available space in your kitchen:

The space you have at home will help you determine which tool will serve you best. Remember that stand mixers can take up quite a bit of space. This means that if you're a bit crowded in the kitchen already you'll need to make the space required if you really intend on getting a stand mixer – otherwise choose a hand mixer instead.

2. Usage:

If you're an expert or tend to cook frequently, then your demands will be a lot greater as compared to those who cook only from time to time. If you tend to deal with larger amounts to mix, then investing on a good stand mixer will prove to be well worth it. If you cook on an occasional basis and don't really deal with large quantities then a hand mixer will do.

3. Pros and cons:

Learning about the pros and cons of each product will also help you to determine which one will be able to serve your best. Just to give you an idea here are a few examples of what each one will really be able to offer you:

A hand mixer is:
- Generally cheaper
-Can help you with most kitchen jobs
- Useful for small mixing needs.

A stand mixer is:
- Expensive
- Versatile (as one will be able to buy additional attachments depending on what they require)
- Great for mixing sufficient amounts of ingredients.

The bottom line when it comes to hand mixer vs stand mixer is that you will need to choose one which can cover almost all of what you require. If you love to cook or are cooking for a larger audience then a stand mixer will serve you best. On the other hand if you're just starting out and is looking for a cheap mixer you can work with, a hand mixer will prove sufficient enough for most of the jobs you have in mind.